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Jews in the New World, II


We’ve seen this idea, now very common, that many Hispanos in the American Southwest have crypto-Jewish ancestry. The evidence for this exotic ancestry is weak. The story seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon, and there is some reason to believe it might have its roots in the 19th and 20th century Seventh Day Adventists. A recent story in The Atlantic seems to go the other direction...

Jews in the New World


An article in The Atlantic caught my attention. We’re going ’round again with conversos and crypto-Jews, and once again the fantasy is just as stronger or stronger than the proved reality. In 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella ordered all Jews in Spain to convert to Catholicism or leave the kingdom. Those who converted became known as conversos. Some of them continued to practice Judaism in...

What Am I Doing?


This site has been torn up for a few months now. It’s probably fair to ask what exactly it is that I’m doing. The short answer is that I’m doing some cleanup and re-arranging. New template. Converting some pages to posts. Tweaking the categories and tags. Just normal clean up stuff. I think the last time I did any of that was 2008. The longer answer is that I’ve had a...

Gallop, of Strode


I was pleased and surprised tonight to check Feedly and discover an article by Stephen Plowman. Now there’s a familiar name. The article is Armorial Bearings of Gallop of Strode. Another familiar name. Like many Americans with ancestry in Colonial New England, I’m descended from Capt. John Gallop (c1593-1650), an early settler at Boston. His ancestry is not certain but he is widely...



In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.― Eric Hoffer

A Phantom Margaret Luce


I don’t know how to understand how these fables have developed. The introductory problem is that some researchers attribute Abraham Luce and Cycely (Darke) Luce with a daughter Margaret. Parish records for Horton, the home of this family, show Abraham and Cycely were married in 1604 and had children Abraham (1605), Israel (1605), and John (1608). Many Luce researchers will recognize this...

Human Terrain


I’m fascinated by this graphic way of viewing the size and spatial relationship of the world’s cities.

Try it yourself. You should see your own area and be able to fly around the world looking at others.

It seems like there should be some way of adapting this type of presentation to genealogy, but I’m not seeing it right off.

St. Mark’s Lutheran


I was sad to hear St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Provo has closed. Or, not exactly closed but the property is sold, there are houses where the church used to be, and the congregation is now meeting at some event center up north. A casaulty of being a religious minority in Utah Valley. St. Mark’s Lutheran, 464 West 3700 North, Provo, UT 84604 (Source: Utah Mid-Century Modern Churches...

The Lament of the Swan


The Lament of the Swan Planctus Cygni Anon, French, 9th century Clangam, filii Ploratione una Alitis cygni, Qui transfretavit aequora. O quam amare Lamentabatur, aridaSe dereliquisse Florigera Et petisse alta Maria; Ajens: ‘Infelix sum Avicula, Heu mihi, quid agam Misera?Pennis soluta Inniti Lucida non potero Hic in stilla. Undis quatior, Procellis Hinc inde nunc allidor Exulata. Angor inter arta...

Swan Knight Who shall stop a swan in its flight, or life in its flow?

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