We were in Wichita over the weekend for a nephew’s wedding. One of the highlights of the trip for me was a night in Lindsborg aka Little Sweden USA. I’ve ordered Swedish chotchkies from Anderson Butik for over 20 years, but never thought that I’d be anywhere near the source. Not only was it on the way to Wichita, but we happened to be going through on the eve of their every-other-year blowout festival, Svensk Hyllningsfest. Local hotels were booked, but we found a room at the Viking Motel, had a delicious smörgåsbord at the Swedish Crown Restaurant, then strolled through town. The folks were friendly. We started at one end of town, and by the time we got to the other everyone knew who we were. Friday morning, we took another tour of town, bought some stuff at Hemslöjd, then on to Wichita. It would be a great place to retire.


2 responses to “Lindsborg

  1. Thoroughly adorable and friendly town! I was privileged to visit during the 2005 festival and may make it back this year. It is an every other year event. Highly recommend going at least once.

    Apparently some of my ancestors are buried there (visited the graves and original homestead). Also one of them assisted with building the main church. I most start remembering names and get them sorted.

  2. Hi Justin- I am trying so hard to find an email address for you but to no avail!! We share a common ancestor through the surname Wåhlstrand. I would love to ask you some questions…. if you are up for helping me out. I really would be thrilled to hear from you!! I am assuming you will be notified of my post and I will hopefully get a response!! 😀
    Thanks! Lauren

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