The New Science of Epigenetics

“At the heart of this new field is a simple but contentious idea – that genes have a ‘memory’. That the lives of your grandparents – the air they breathed, the food they ate, even the things they saw – can directly affect you, decades later, despite your never experiencing these things yourself. And that what you do in your lifetime could in turn affect your grandchildren.”

One response to “The New Science of Epigenetics

  1. Two books that may interest you:
    “The Ancestor Syndrone: Transgenerational Psychotherapy and the Hidden Links in the Family Tree” by Anne Ancin Schutzenberger
    “The Healing Power of the Past: A New Approach to Healing Family Wounds – The Systemic Therapy of Bert Hellinger” by Bertold Ulsamer, Ph.D.

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