1. Per Hemmingson (c1746-?) was a crofter at Högsby in Småland, Sweden. He married Stina Danielsdotter (c1753-aft 1803).
  2. Daniel Persson Fyrstén (1791-1837) was a master smith at Gärdserum. Daniel adopted the surname Fyrstén (”fire stone”). He married Christina “Stina” Nilsdotter (1786-1849), daughter of Nils Persson and Maja Persdotter. Their sons and grandsons carried on the family tradition, working as smiths in Sweden’s metal industry.
  3. Nils Peter Fyrstén (1822-aft 1900), a master smith at Storebro Bruk in Vimmerby. He married (1) Christina Charlotta Svanström (1820-1866), daughter of Nils Gustaf Svanström and Sara Stina Eliasdotter. Nils came to America in 1868 after the death of his first wife, settling at LaPorte, Indiana. He left behind his older children.
  4. Johanna Carolina Fyrstén (1846-1917). She married Lars Erik Classon (1845-c1932). According to relatives in Sweden, Johanna Fyrstén was the mother of Josefina Classon by August, Duke of Dalarna before her marriage to Lars Erik Classon. Maybe so, but I think it is at least possible that Josefina’s father was Anders Johan Reinhold Andersson (1831-1887), a farmer at Löckerum.

Breaking news Nov. 23, 2014: DNA test results from a cousin in Sweden appear to confirm that Josefina Classon was a daughter of Andrew Andersson in Löckerum. More to follow.

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